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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Meet Moddie


Moddie Lambert BCCSDip. HthNut is a qualified Canine Nutritionist with over 8 years experience of tailoring enhanced raw feeding solutions for dogs of all breeds. ​

Bespoke Nutritional Advice


Moddie offers a range of canine nutrition advisory services including custom diets for dogs with specialist dietary requirements.  


Simply Raw Feeding is not aligned to any one supplier so can offer you genuinely independent advice.


Solutions - A raw diet can and will be the solution to many
health issues for dogs and cats.

Support – I hope that everyone who works with me knows I
will always support them.

GUT – Everything starts in the gut and if the gut is healthy the dog is healthy.
G – genuinely the beginning
U – ultimately the solution
T – terminal if ill.
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