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Detoxing From Kibble And What To Expect

You have just made the best decision for your furry friend - taking your pup off  kibble is often a brave decision as it is marketed so well and professes to be healthy for your pup.  You have done your research and now know that fresh, raw food will make a big difference in health and longevity.  Like humans, we know that a highly processed diet is bad for us and our pets.  We get asked this question often, and this article should help you understand what the detoxification process is and give you some suggestions if you are having problems.

 Using companies that use  to test their food will give you peace of mind,  making sure it is completely safe.  Not all raw food companies apply this essential protocol, which is possibly why so many conventional veterinary practices are anti-raw.  Sadly, not all raw is good, and important to remember folks. is accredited to RawSafe - feel free to use code SimplyRawFeeding20 for a 20% discount and free shipping on your first two orders, thereafter SimplyRawFeeding10 for a permanent 10% discount - you need to create an account to use these codes.

What is detoxing in dogs?

Detoxing is a natural process your dog will go through when changing from a highly processed diet to a more natural ‘species-appropriate’ diet. What this means is that your pup may need healing time to remove unwanted toxins and chemicals from the body.  This can take a week or so, or sadly many months, and in this article, we will give you tips on what to expect.  Not all dogs go through a detox, and it depends on how long they have been eating a processed food diet, how old they are, and how much medication they have had (flea and worm treatments etc.).  Think of yourself eating burgers and chips for months on end and changing to fresh foods, meat, fruit and vegetables - your body would go, wow, but help!

What are the signs a dog is detoxing?

During a detoxifying period, your pup may experience any of these symptoms:

  • Vomiting - often bile

  • Itchy skin, sometimes turning black

  • Chewing their paws

  • Bad breath 

  • Yeasty ears

  • Diarrhoea

  • Weeping eyes

  • Dry skin

  • Hotspots

  • Hair loss and shedding

  • Mucos in poop

  • Constipation 

During this healing time, when your pup is unloading their toxic burden, it can be seen to come out in their skin, being the largest organ in the body. Their smell may change as the carbohydrate load is less, and we often see ears, eyes and paws as being detoxification exit points.

What can I do to help my dog with detoxing?

If your pup is experiencing any of the above problems, we feel your pain.  We get asked this question regularly.  It is normal to see, and please don’t give up.  In some cases, things may get a lot worse before they get better, and this is all part of the detoxifying process.

As we mentioned earlier, detox is a natural process, and your pup’s body has an army of weapons to help - the liver and kidneys filter out toxins to help remove them, and the fresh raw diet is full of these wonderful nutrients. Tripe is full of pre and probiotics, which benefit gut health and is certainly worth adding to your dog’s diet.

Are there supplements that will help my dog with detox?

We have a great range of supplements that may help your pup with detox problems. Bone Broth - use discount code SimplyRawFeeding15 for a 15% discount is a simple gut healer and very effective. Also,  makes excellent bone broth.  BioFunction8 www.dogsfirst.i.e has an array of fantastic ingredients, from Chamomile to Slippery Elm. Proflax Tummy Tastic Use discount code SIMPLYRAW15 for a 15% discount and offer excellent supplements, which may help too - feel free to ask us, and we will guide you to the best one for your pup.


As mentioned earlier, in some cases, detoxing can take many months, and every dog is different.  Although this can be tough to go through in some cases, try to think of it as a celebration that your pup is on the right road to recovery.  If you feed good quality fresh raw food, you should find that detoxification will pass in time.  Also, remember that dogs fed a fresh, raw diet drink significantly less water, therefore putting less strain on their kidneys, and fresh, raw food is approximately 70% water naturally which is why your pup will drink less.

There are also another couple of factors to consider when your pup is going through a detox.  Over-vaccination, worming and flea treatments, steroids,  antibiotics and even toxic chemicals in your home can lead to multiple toxins forming in the body, and these can build up over the years. Increasing exercise can also help the body rid itself of excess toxins effectively, keeping your drinking water clean is also essential as fluoride is often found in water.

Stick with it guys, and watch your pet become healthier and happier.

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