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About Moddie

About Moddie



Raw Feeding

A fresh raw food diet can make a significant difference to your dog’s health.

Canine Nutrition

Feeding a variety of different proteins ensures your dog gets the best nutrition.

Raw Diets and Wellbeing 

Fresh, raw, preferably organic and sustainable foods will help with the wellbeing and health of your dog.

Food allergies & Intolerance

Feeding foods and knowing “what your food ate” can help with allergies and intolerance.

Supplements & Vitality

The correct supplements can assist with optimum nutrition and add vitality to your dog.

My Story


Moddie Lambert BCCSDip. HthNut is a qualified Canine Nutritionist in 2015 and has years of experience of tailoring enhanced raw feeding solutions for dogs of all breeds.  She has been on The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society Committee since 2014 Its aim is to educate veterinary processionals in 'species appropriate', fresh raw feeding.


As a dog and cat owner all her life, her passion is helping owners to get the best outcome for their dogs through a balanced, natural diet.  Seeing her own three dogs and cat thrive on a raw diet was behind the inspiration to qualify in canine nutrition and support others in finding a diet that naturally supported canine health and wellbeing.


Moddie's high levels of empathy with animals, particularly dogs have health issues arising from their diet, means she is now sought out for her advice and consultancy on numerous raw feeding information sites and forums.

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