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Raw Feeding

Why raw feeding?

Not that long ago our dogs' ancestors were happy, healthy and slim, surviving by scavenging or hunting on a diet of raw meat, offal and bones, with a little grass soup added as they would eat the contents of the stomach of their prey.  Dogs are omnivores, although designed primarily to eat meat.  Their teeth are used for tearing and chewing.  The digestive juices in their stomachs are so strong that they can disolve bone.  


Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diets are based on feeding your dog ingredients they would find in the wild.  If left to their own devices a dog would not be found grazing in a rice or a wheat field, but would be chasing rabbits, squirrels, even mice and other insects.  Dogs can eat food we humans cannot, but most importantly they would never have cooked their food.


Cooking food dramatically changes the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are so important for good health in our canine companions.  Additionally dogs do not need carbohydrates to survive and if fed too frequently can develop yeast infections, skin problems and bowel issues.


BARF feeding is becoming increasingly popular as the range of suppliers and wealth of information has grown, making a healthy raw diet within reach of every dog owner.

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