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Starting Out

What to expect

Changing your dog to a raw diet is exciting.  None of my dogs enjoyed the diet I was feeding them, they picked around the biscuits and eventually ate what I gave them, but with no real enthusiasm.  They smelt very ‘doggy’ had awful wind, bad breath and what I had to pick up the other end was deeply unpleasant.


I remember being slightly nervous about the change - ‘Surely raw meat will give my dog an upset tummy?’  'How do I get the amounts right?’  'Am I going to create an aggressive dog if I feed raw?’  ‘Will they get salmonella?'  These were some of the questions I asked myself before taking the plunge.


The day after I changed my dogs' diet was incredible. The dogs literally gulped down the raw meat I put in front of them.  I started on pre-made minces and still feed a similar diet 4 years later.  


I also noticed a big change to almost everything they did; they were calmer, more satisfied having eaten, they did not smell or have wind, and their breath was clean smelling.  The amount to pick up was astonishing, small and firm with less smell.

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