Raw Diets

Raw diets - options and choices

The benefits of ready made minces.

When starting out on the journey of changing your dog to a raw diet, there are a number of excellent providers of ready made foods.  These include ranges for puppies through to older dogs, for those with specialist dietary requirements including working dogs, low purine diets and weaning foods.


With or without veg?

While most dogs are fine on pre-made foods, there are certain dogs who need a specific diet without the addition of vegetables.  Some dogs do not like vegetables but they do need some green leafy vegetables in their diet.  


With or without oil?

Our streams, rivers and seas have been badly polluted, therefore so have the fish who swim in them.  Flax oil is a wonderful alternative to salmon oil and it fits with all my morals.


Ethically produced, pasture fed and organic, or wild meat will always be my preferred choice, but this does come at a higher cost.